Top Features of Stainless Steel Balustrade You Need To Know

There are multiple types of stainless steel balustrade components that you may require, and it varies following the balustrade system you have chosen. At a glance, glass and wire balustrades need different stainless steel with their fittings and fixtures. Below is a list of some critical stainless steel balustrade components that will help you get started.

The Components of Stainless Steel Balustrade

Posts and bases

You may think before you see that posts and bases are different, and it doesn’t look the same, and at the same time, you have various options to choose from. From the practical perspective, you need to decide on pre-drilled and undrilled posts. If the posts and bases of stainless steel, which is formerly easier to install but later provides you with more of your choices based on where you want to install it with additional fittings. Many professional steel stair fabricators recommend choosing pre-drilled posts for the wire balustrade system as it is imperative for numerous holes to match up with their counterparts perfectly.

Handrails and Supports

One of the most metal balustrade railing components for handrail safety is easier to install and maintain, which is perfect for internal and external use. Stainless steel handrails are divided into two categories that are tubes and bars. Bars are solid stainless steel length, whereas tubes are hollow inside. Additionally, you can purchase stainless steel brackets or supports for the handrail itself.

Glass Clamps

Glass clamps are essential to ensure that any bespoke glass panels remain secured and can’t be a safety hazard. If someone may lean on the balustrade and you won’t want them to feel the glass wobble. You may need to guard against the same while ensuring that you are purchasing the stainless steel thickness of your glass panel. When using glass clamps, you are recommended to use four glass clamps for each square meter.

Glass clamps are available with different finishes, including strains and raw and mirrored polish. They are available in various shapes, as you can choose between square or rounded edges. Most of them have rubber interiors preventing glass panels from scratches, and their firm holds around stretch.


In Hampshire, the wire Balustrade system uses wire with 3.2mm thickness as a minimum. The manufacturer typically offers measure services, allowing you to order the exact wire length for each required section. Alternately, you can buy it several meters according to your need as you may cut it yourself. The main decision is typically when you use a wire balustrade system to use offset or inline style.

Inline wires run right with the aforementioned pre-drilled holes through each balustrade center. Whereas. Offset wires are attached to each post, and it is affixed outside.

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