Usage of eco friendly packaging by-products as sellers in the bid to rescue the earth from continual damage from products that are not eco-friendly, since there have been consistent speculations on the need for everyone to start taking responsibility about how the state of the earth is, to rescue it from continual depletion. These on the other end gave rise to several environmentally friendly packaging that can be used in packing different products and they are of different sizes, shapes, and even feelings, to accommodate different brands’ expectations for their packaging.

  1. Cardboard and Paper: Certainly, all these filler materials need to be placed in something, and cardboard boxes are the industry standard. While cardboard and paper are organic materials, since they are sourced unsustainably, their use can rarely affect the environment. To ensure your packaging materials are as eco-friendly as they can be you can ensure to source post-consumer or post-industrial recycled paper and cardboard. It is good to note that paper and cardboard can be recycled five to seven times over.
  2. Corrugated Packaging: These are referred to as box fibers made mainly from trees and corrugated containers, and they are said to be usable about 7 to 10 times in making a new packaging material they are known as eco-friendly packaging materials. 
  3. Compostable Packaging: this is the ability of a material to naturally decompose back to earth after it has been disposed of and does not leave any toxic residue. These eco-friendly packaging materials are usually made from plant-based materials such as corn, sugar cane, or even bamboo. These compostable packaging are said to be compostable because they can be decomposed back to earth within 90 days and 180 days.
  4. Cellulose Packaging: Cellulose packaging is said to be made from natural resources such as wood, cotton, and hemp. The materials are usually compostable and biodegradable, these make them a sustainable alternative to plastic materials. Asides from being an alternative to plastic, it also has a lot of environmental benefits, they are made from cellulose harvested from plants and they are sustainable products sourced from renewable and bio-based resources.