Intermodal Customized Tanks & On-Site Storage Containers In Australia

The extensive container suitable for shipment, handling, and storage has a trade-off in the market. A modern container contains high-quality products that can be transported quickly, securely, and accurately from one location to another.

SCF shipping containers have been a successful and long-standing provider in Australia for 30 years to transport goods locally and internationally. The company became famous for its furniture moving services that could safely transport between multiple places on the back of a truck. These containers are weatherproof, lightweight, and stackable. The company became famous for its furniture moving services that transported items to multiple places on the back of a truck.

What sizes of shipping containers does the company have?

SCF shipping containers are available in a variety of modifications and sizes. Here are some shipping containers that companies have, such as:

  • 8’fh Shipping Container

8’ft containers are ideal for short-term storage and limited space for items that are to be protected, safe, and waterproof at all times.

  • 10’ft Shipping Container

A 10’ft container is the best for storing small quantities of solution with limited space. It is the safe storage of furniture, accessories, and other parts of items of furniture in the small unit.

  • 20’ft Shipping Container

The 20’ft container is famous for all onsite storage solutions, and the advantage is that the container is safe, easy to transport, and durable.

  • 20’ft High Cube Container

A 20’ft container has an additional 1 foot or 30 cm height for storing large furniture, equipment, and goods. Containers are durable, safe, and secure to transport anywhere.

  • 20’ft Side Opening Shipping Container

Storing furniture and goods in 20’ft Single Side Opening containers is the most suitable option. End doors or side doors can easily be used to open either half of the container on either side of the dual access.

  • 40’fh Shipping Container

The 40’ft container is double the length of the 20’ft container and has more internal storage weight. Choosing large shipping containers has the advantage of allowing more items to transport anywhere.

  • 40’ft High Cure Container

The 40’ft cube container can store large volumes of items with more available space. This container size is suitable for all ranges, such as workshops, home equipment, shed alternatives, and more goods.

All shipping containers made to date, including the variety of, such as the 8′ ft, 10′ ft mini containers, 20′ ft high cube containers, 40′ ft large cube containers, 20′ ft sided opening containers, and 40′ ft high cube containers are all durability and safe to transport in any places. The 20′ ftsided opening containers, 20′ ft, and 40′ ft containers are the most popular due to their low cost. Weathering Carbon Steel is used for SCF containers to provide durable protection from harsh weather conditions and vermin. Additionally, shipping containers are affordable and supply you with a small amount of delivery daily.