How to Choose NFC Chips for Your Metal Cards

Many businesses have already shifted to near-field communication (NFC) technology for its numerous benefits. Organisations can use NFC tech for contactless business card UK sharing, considering the health risk caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies can also customise it as an identity verification scheme. 

The NFC system cannot work without an NFC chip. The NFC chip is responsible for processing information sent by other NFC devices. It works with the NFC tag or the passive part of the system that reads and stores the incoming data.

There are various NFC chips to choose from, which might confuse buyers. Because of this, consumers must be informed of the following factors when buying an NFC chip:

Data Retention

NFC chip manufacturers ensure that their chips can save data for long periods. To meet compliance, data retention is important for businesses, especially those in regulated industries.NTAG chips produced by NXP Semiconductors can store information for up to 10 years.

Memory Size

Consumers must also consider the memory size that each NFC chip has. It became a crucial determining factor because the bigger the memory of an NFC chip, the higher its cost. Businesses might settle with NFC chips with bigger memories for their metal cards, especially if they would have a significant purpose. 

The following are the memory specifications of each NTAG NFC chip:

  • NTAG213 – 144 bytes
  • NTAG215 – 504 bytes
  • NTAG216 – 888 bytes


The content of the business metal card is visible to anyone who can scan the tag with their smartphone or NFC reader. This increases the risk of organisations and customers to fraud and scams. Due to this concern, buyers must look for NFC chips that offer encryption.

Consumers must look for trusted NFC companies that provide professional-grade and environment-friendly NFC products, such as NFC chips for metal cards. These sources can also customise the business’ NFC business card.

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