How Workholdings With Automatic Clamping Can Boost Productivity

In the world of manufacturing, making a quality product within your deadline is essential to production. Getting more done in less time can be important to making money. But you might be having trouble getting things done because of some problems. Tool changes could be one of these things.

This means that workers have to stop what they’re doing and switch tools to make sure that all of the products are made with the same level of accuracy. For some companies, this can take up to half of the time it takes to make something!

More and more resources are coming out to help manufacturers, which is great. PAWS Workholding is one of these companies. They make automatic workholding clamps that can not only change the scope of work that can be completed in a given amount of time but can also help workers feel better.

Understanding Automatic Workholding Clamps

Automatic workholding clamps use sophisticated equipment and sensors to find and hold items while they are being machined or cut, so the operator doesn’t have to do anything. Many systems can also tell when there is a problem on their own, which means that the problem can be fixed faster.

PAWS Workholding did tests and studies to find out how productive manufacturers used automatic clamps and who didn’t. Those who didn’t have clamps changed their tools 5,772 times in one shift, while those who did only changed their tools 576 times.

Is Labor Affected?

You might think that machines do most of the work when it comes to milling production. But people are always watching over these machines and working on the clamping and unclamping that needs to be done. If they try to do more than one thing at once, they might miss important issues that could slow down production.

Workholding systems that use automatic clamping, on the other hand, mean that these operators don’t have to focus on just one machine at a time. This gives them more time to run more than one machine at once and check on the quality of the products they are making. Because they don’t have to switch tools as often, the extra work won’t make them tired.

What Does PAWS Workholding Offer?

At PAWS Workholding, we have products that are both standard and made to order. We have both whole systems and single clamps that can help your milling process go more smoothly. Some of the things we sell are:

  • Automated Hydraulic or Pneumatic Fixtures for HMC/VMC
  • Manual Clamping Fixtures for HMC/VMC
  • 4th Axis Workholding Fixtures for VMC
  • ID Collet that can be clamped automatically or by hand
  • Workholding Fixtures with Several Parts
  • Workholding for a horizontal tombstone

We know that not all manufacturers are alike and need different kinds of help. We can help you out with that. We can do cycle studies to find out where the problems are before making the perfect product for your needs. This makes sure that as soon as you get your custom workholding, you’ll be able to tell the difference in your productivity and labor use.

PAWS has been working with the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years to help them reach their goals and put more attention on what is most important: the product they are making.

Consider the automatic clamps made by PAWS Workholding if you want to improve operations at your company, not only for yourself but also for the people who work there.