Things to Think About When Making a WOD at Home

Whether you own a CrossFit gym or are just starting out at home, there are things to think about when creating together a workout of the day. Here at Performance Plus, we provide the right balance so that your day is just as challenging as it needs to be. As soon as you sign up as a member, you’ll have access to more than 30 skill-specific workouts, and the list keeps growing.

One thing you can pay special attention to when making a custom workout is the equipment you use. Accessory WODs for CrossFit can make or break an exercise if you don’t have the right gear. It’s important to know that’s not the only thing to consider. Read on to find out some other things to remember.


You shouldn’t just do a WOD as your only workout for the day. It should be something that works on a specific skill, gets you warmed up, or relaxes you. When making a WOD, you might want to use a single workout from Performance Plus instead of stringing together a whole bunch of them. Length doesn’t always help in the long run, and you might want to choose a few harder workouts over a bunch of shorter ones that are easier.

Equipment Use

Accessories can be used in a lot of WODs, and Performance Plus members have access to programs that help them target and improve their skills in using equipment that they can use both at the CrossFit gym and at home.

Whether you know how to use your own equipment well or use the Performance Plus app on your phone at the gym, basing WODs on the equipment you already have can be a good way to work on skills you want to improve or get better at.

If you want to manage and plan your own string of WODs, you don’t have to use the equipment. This is a better way for people who are new to CrossFit or who don’t have access to CrossFit equipment every day to get a workout in.


Space is another thing that can make it hard to do CrossFit on your own or at home. Space can make it hard to make a WOD at home or by yourself. If these workouts are meant to be done in your house or garage, you probably won’t have all the equipment you would at your home gym. It’s very important to make a workout plan while keeping in mind how much space you have.

This is the only way to stay safe while working out. If you try to work out in a space that is too small, you could hurt yourself and the space around you. The skills in the Performance Plus program can be done in many different places, making it easy to change things up.

You don’t have to be a gym owner or a personal trainer to come up with your own WODs. Anyone who does CrossFit can use this skill to improve their workout and add it to their daily gym routine. This is very helpful if you can’t get to the gym. If so, Performance Plus has you covered with three different membership plans and the option to buy single skills!