What’s the goal of Your Networking Efforts?

I love speaking to VAs about networking.

Most of them avoid any.

Some do lots of it.

Most prevent them right.


Yes, there’s the best method of network. There’s a place to meeting people – what’s yours?

If you do not know, don’t fret. It is a simple factor – so simple you’ll laugh really. Most likely.

Three ways to build your network | Fanshawe College

The goal of networking should be to grow our business.

BUT the goal of attending any networking gathering should be apparent too. I spoke lately obtaining a Va who’d attended 3 networking occasions within the last month.

First, I am always proud when VAs do it… however, basically requested her what her goal was from individuals occasions, she did not know.

I requested her the quantity of card printing she’d collected. ‘About 20’. What did she depend in it? ‘Nothing thus far.


This really is frequently a massive problem. Card printing collected – from people you’ve met. That you simply might or might not use later on.

NO PLAN. Ugh. I’m not able tell you the quantity of VAs I’ve coached through this exact issue. Plenty of! And they also still constantly come.

So let us begin once again. By going to a networking event, what’s your plan?

You have to set a considerable goal in position for each event you attend, making it helpful. It cannot be arbitrary. It must be organized.

What is the problem to complete?

Would you like to try your marketing message on 10 people and gauge their reaction? Count them! Perform analysis should you return home. Observe how you’d restore it. Help make your changes. Mind out again and do something better next time.

Would you like to collect 5 card printing from prospects? Ensure that you return home with 5! Then understand how (particularly) you’ll follow-up together. And follow-up.

Would you like to talk to one new proper partner? Uncover that each, and talk to them. Create a intend to speak further carrying out a event.

Engage in Networking and Realize Your Dream Job

The goal of networking should be to work – but to should you understand specifically how to proceed there.

Stop squandering your time and effort vulnerable to occasions and merely socializing. Really.

Decide what you long for. Perform work. Help make your business.

Take a look at my blog article 5 Tips to Better Networking and do it – whether it’s virtually or personally, possess a goal inside your ideas together with your networking is a lot more efficient to meet your requirements, beginning today!