The Silver Lining of the Pandemic for the Superyacht Industry

Between the reduced use of hotels and the growing demand for new experiences and mobility, superyachts and luxury vessels provide a fresh take on holidaying for families and friends alike. There is something inspiring about sleeping under the stars amidst the refreshing sea breeze knowing that you and your family are on a genuine adventure together. A luxury superyacht experience is on the bucket list for many and is now attainable thanks to the team at MV Alfie & Co.

The global economy is experiencing a recession due to the pandemic and has placed unprecedented restrictions on how businesses operate forcing the superyacht industry to adapt quickly. MV Alfie & Co are still able to operate their luxurious super yacht experiences for guests as a marine holiday provides a pleasant combination of luxury and privacy. The inherent social distancing that comes with the superyacht experience only adds to the unwavering demand for rest and relaxation. This why the industry is fast approaching a boom period.

Yacht rentals have increased dramatically. There used to be for our five inquiries per month, but since Covid-19, the bookings are weekly. Most families appreciate the increased safety of a superyacht during the pandemic as well as absence of delays that are are impinging traditional, land-based holidays. Above all, the chances of catching the virus on a professionally vetted superyacht are almost non existent which provides an invaluable safeguard in the current landscape.

With an experienced crew, your choice of guests and tailored food and beverage packages available, you are in control of your holiday. It is now possible to own or charter a superyacht so you can travel safely, privately, and in your own personal style. As maritime enthusiasts and newcomers alike have looked to the water for the ultimate getaway, it is worth noting that yachting has experienced a positive recovery in the summer of 2022. Because of this, booking ahead is always advised.

A choice yacht like the V65 Princess can accommodate 6-10 guests, allowing friends, family, and other small groups to enjoy a unique experience together. Charter yachts have very little restrictions. Your itinerary will include options for customising meals before you board and as well as choosing your travel companions. There is also a well trained crew on hand in the event of an emergency and to answer general questions during your stay.

The summer months of December, January, and February are ideal for superyacht hire. The most popular charter destinations are usually less crowded this time of year. If you are thinking about charting around New South Wales, Queensland, the archipelago, or beyond, there is still time to cruise before the air gets too crisp.

If you are interested in chartering a yacht in Sydney or Queensland, MV Alfie & Co are the team to talk to. Whether you want to spend an afternoon on the water in the Gold Coast, have a boozy dinner along Sydney Harbour, or anything in between, MV Alfie & Co will provide you with a private luxury vessel tailored to your needs. This way, you can spend the remaining summer days lazing around on daybeds, inflatable pools, or even on a thrilling jet ski.