Points to ponder while importing your dream car from the USA

Owning a car is a dream come true for most people. Some people find it hard to get their dream car easily. This is especially true when their dream car needs to cross international borders before the owners can dash into their porch. 

If you are someone living in Canada who wish to import a car from the USA, then it is mandatory to have the following documents before you can bring in your car:

  • Proof of ownership.
  • Export documents.
  • Receipt of tax remittance.
  • A valid ITN/AES number
  • Bill of sale.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Recall clearance letter, etc.

Among the above-mentioned documents, the most crucial one is the ITN number. ITN stands for Internal Transaction Number. It is a specific number that is allowed through the Automated Export System while you try to export something from the USA.

It is really important to note that without a valid Canada ITN number, your package cannot cross the borders of the USA. Customs brokerage firms like Clearit can help you in every step of the process. 

The services customs brokers include:

  • Reserve an ITN number for your car.
  • Submission of all documents to the customs department prior 72 hours of the parcel reaching the border for crossing. This is a very crucial step. 
  • Always remember to submit the relevant import documents 72 hours before the parcel reaches the border if you are planning to do the process without the help of a broker.
  • Taxes and duties will be remitted on time by the customs brokers. Timely follow-up of the remittance is also done by them.
  • An agent will be physically present to attend to the border crossing of your parcel. This is one of the most effective services extended by customs brokers. 
  • A holistic combination of your package from the source of origin to your doorstep is done by the brokers.

Apart from these services, reputable firms also provide a free car import calculator on their websites. 

Do check out the car import rate calculator on websites like Clearit to get a better understanding of the rates that could incur while importing your dream car into Canada.

The ITN number has facilitated a much easier path for the import of cars into Canada. 

If you are consistent enough to handle every step in the process of importing a car, then the whole process becomes easy. 

But it’s always advisable to consult a customs broker for your import needs as professionals have a better experience and a systematic approach to every step in importing goods to Canada.