Looking to fine-tune your job trials in Canada? Here’s how you can do it

A job hunt is a challenging task in the post-COVID phase. The opportunity to physically visit various recruiters is an arduous affair for job seekers in Canada.

It is here that agencies like Agence de Placement Hunt become handy tools to fine-tune their job hunt for Canadians. They have the perfect platform for the recruiters and the job seekers to come together.

This article helps you make the best use of online job portals to find a job that suits your personality and skills.

Let us begin!

How do job portals work?

Job seekers can create their profiles listing their skills and employment preferences. They can tailor their profile according to their job interests.

The recruiters work with the job portals to find potential employees for their firms. Trusted portals have greater credibility among many recruiting companies.

Thus, an online job portal integrates the human resource management of recruiting firms with that of the potential job seekers.

How to make your profile effective?

The online job portals give job seekers a sense of control over their profiles. Hence, it is important to shape it to make it effective for job hunting trials.

Some suggestions:

  1. Suggest your availability: The job seeker should specify whether he/she is looking for a full-time or a part-time job. It acts as a good filter for potential recruiters to find people as per their requirements.
  2. Employment preferences: The job seeker should specify the domain of interest and nature of the job one is seeking. Specialized sectors like healthcare and the financial sector have different job requirements.
  3. Highlight key skills: It is important to use technical terms to convey your qualifications and other job-specific certifications.
  4. Training: Having on-field training through good internships can be an added advantage to job seekers in making their profile stand out.
  5. Resume updation: The job seekers should periodically update their resume with new skills and experience gained to attract the interest of recruiters.

Tips to maximize your eligibility for jobs

  • Pursue courses relevant to your job to improve your skills in the domain.
  • Apply on as many portals as possible to improve your visibility to employers.
  • Modify your application according to the company of your interest.
  • Be ready to face an interview at a short notice.

Concluding thoughts

Firms like Hunt Jobs can be used as effective platforms to find jobs as per the seeker’s qualifications and experience. Make the best use of the opportunity to find the most suitable job in your domain.