How to Create Successful Online Compliance Programs

Compliance training is crucial for all organizations, the reason why you find many platforms like True Office Learning offering their services to make programs easier to implement. If a company doesn’t comply with rules, laws, and regulations, it can lead to massive penalties and a damaged reputation. Appropriate compliance training programs cover crucial issues, like legal ability and violations, so it’s something to take seriously

Unfortunately, not all businesses address the need for compliance training properly. Read on as we share practical tips for successful online compliance training programs.

1. Know the Audience

When you have a clear sense of your audience, you can design and develop practical courses. If you don’t know your audience, you won’t know if the eLearning tools and methods are helpful!

Learn more about your employees’ job experiences, educational backgrounds, and knowledge levels through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. We also recommend working with subject matter experts to identify the eLearning content considered new or already covered from previous training programs to prevent repeating or skipping information.

2. Relate Compliance to Real Issues

Practical online compliance training must be meaningful, which is why it’s crucial to let your employees see how their lessons relate to their daily work activities. If not, then your employees lose interest and motivation to learn and participate in the training program.

We recommend creating case studies and sharing real-world scenarios reflecting your employees’ actual work circumstances, which will have them develop a more profound sense of connection with various issues involved. 

3. Add Some Humor

Add humor, but not too much! Compliance training can be fun, and when you add small doses of humor, you can enhance the emotional connection between your employees and the compliance training program.

But again, think small, as you wouldn’t want to overshadow compliance topics with a ton of anecdotes and jokes. The occasional humorous element will help, as long as those witty additions are positive and culturally appropriate.

4. Use Different Learning Methods

Different people would learn differently. There are no two people in the world who learn the exact same way!

To ensure your employees retain knowledge and absorb information from their compliance training program, it’s best to offer various learning methods. Allow more diversity into the way people learn, accommodating everyone, whether they learn through visuals, acoustics, kinesthetics, etcetera.

For instance, you can incorporate various kinds of multimedia, such as rich visuals, audio elements, and eLearning videos.

5. Make the Experience Interesting

Other than adding humor to your compliance training program, you may also want to incorporate eLearning games and simulations as well. These can build a more immersive eLearning experience and lessen people’s boredom when learning about compliance.

Consider gamification, which can help your employees memorize and understand the complex regulations and law terms. Not only is this more enjoyable, but it can feel more rewarding, which allows employees to truly absorb the lessons.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know what to do for a better online compliance program make the appropriate changes to reap the benefits.