How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior?

In the marketing world, packaging color, quality, and other characteristics play a crucial role in its selling phase. It stimulates the consumers’ buying mindset—attracting the target market by its colors, shape, and premium look.

When you understand these factors, you can develop the ideal packaging for the brand you need to market. Here are some facts help companies stimulate consumer behavior through adequate product packaging.


It is already an open book to companies big and small that colors play a crucial role in consumers’ psychological and personal preferences. Catchy colors that match the brand subconsciously affect a person’s purchase decision. Colors tell a brand story. If your product makes people happy, orange, pinks, bright green, and purple.

Brown paper bags are also more ideal to use than plastic bags. Large brown paper bags, when used in shopping, give an impression of an eco-friendly lifestyle that most choose.

Culture and demographics also influence the choice of colors for branding.

Packaging Material

Frequently, buyers do “judge the book by its cover” because consumers gauge the quality with packaging. Premium quality is often assumed as more attractive and of a high caliber product. Should your business be an online shop that relies on shipping products, buyers hope that shipping items can withstand unfavorable travel conditions. They desire to receive their packaged items in tiptop shape.


When brand products are not available for testing, buyers rely on packaging to purchase an item. The design makes an item and a brand stand out from its competitors. It adds value and represents a story that all creates an interplay in the consumer’s mind. Most companies are into targeting clients aged 10 to 18 years old use creative designs that catch the eye at first glance.

Keep in mind that packaging only needs to be catchy, relevant, unique, and honest to grab a shopper’s attention. Learn more about packaging through this infographic by Bagitan Packaging.