How Do Customs Brokers Help Your Business?

Customs brokers are the liaisons between your company and customs departments. They are experienced professionals that help ensure your goods go from point A to point B without a hitch. A customs broker can be a company or individual working in your country who can assist you with getting the right forms, filing your applications correctly, and getting the ball rolling on clearing your goods.

Clearit USA customs clearance services include essential services for importers and exporters alike. They know the ins and outs of trade regulations and are often active members of their country’s customs bodies. The duty and tax rates change frequently, so a customs broker can help you keep up to date with changes and ensure you take advantage of them before they have expired.

Here are different ways through which a customs broker can help you.

  • Guide you through the customs process

Although the basic steps of shipping goods from point A to point B are fairly straightforward, there are a lot of details involved with getting your product into your customer’s hands.¬† Customs brokers can make sure that your goods are shipped and handled properly and help save you money by eliminating any unnecessary steps in the process.

  • Handles paperwork on your behalf

If you have a large order, your business is relatively small, and you are dealing with customs for the first time, it can be overwhelming to juggle all of the paperwork. That’s where customs brokers come in. They handle all of the paperwork for you, so you can focus on getting your product into the market.

  • Inform you of regulations pertaining to your shipment

The regulations surrounding international shipping can be complex. Customs brokers know all of the regulations pertaining to your shipment and will make sure you are aware of them before your shipment is sent out.

  • Clear shipments quickly

This is one of the main reasons why a customs broker is important if you are an importer or exporter. Your goods need to be cleared before they are sent to their final destination, so it’s important that your broker can get your shipment cleared within a short amount of time.

  • Assist with damage claims

Shipments sometimes do get damaged on their journey. If your shipment does suffer any kind of damage, you need to let your broker know immediately. This is to make sure that the importer or exporter is aware of the claim and can put in a claim for compensation or a refund if appropriate.