Choosing Hospital Mattresses for Heavy People

When it comes to choosing hospital mattresses, there are a few different types of considerations to take. One of those matters concerns obesity in patients and the need for the right type of contract bedding mattress and bed type to manage the weight. A medical foam mattress and other types of medical mattresses are chosen for several reasons, but with the number of patients who would be classed as obese, higher than it has been before, the correct beds in place will help to provide long-term support for patients and also maintain a healthy life-cycle for the mattress, a financial point that can’t be ignored with contract bedding of any kind.

How to choose hospital mattresses

Hospital beds are such a vital part of every hospital that it is important to choose the best quality mattresses and beds that will offer the best care possible to patients whilst being a cost-effective solution for a health practice that is working within, often, tight budgets. Patients who spend a lot of time in bed are more likely to suffer from pressure injuries and bedsores, and this means pressure relieving mattresses and for heavier people there is the need to install bariatric hospital mattresses that provide safe, therapeutic care for patients that weight up to 500kg. 

How to choose a mattress for a heavy person

There are a few different options for mattresses to be used by a heavy person. From different materials to support structures, it is important for every person to find the right type of mattress for their personal physique, weight, and comfort. This helps to provide a stable sleep pattern, which is beneficial to both physical and mental health over the long-term. 

Memory foam mattress – this is a material that has been used in many different industries, including NASA who initially developed memory foam to help astronauts in space. Memory foam mattresses offer great levels of flexibility when compared with traditional mattresses, providing good levels of pressure relief and contouring.

Innerspring mattress – coils are used to support the person’s weight, and these coils are highly durable making them a good choice for heavier people, lasting for years under pressure.

Hybrid mattress – a combination of both memory foam and innerspring, this provides the best of both worlds and is helpful for heavier people who naturally require a greater level of support when they sleep.

Latex mattress – these are firm and strong mattresses that offer a high level of support and a consistent firmness throughout the surface. What this does is provide an even level of support for all parts of the body.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a mattress:

  • Always go for as firm a mattress as possible to ensure you are covered for the heaviest frames.
  • Consider reinforced edge support to help retain the integrity of the edges of the bed.
  • Think about the highest quality material possible to ensure a longer lifespan.

Choosing hospital mattresses for heavy people is a concern that every hospital should take seriously. This is why it makes a difference to partner with a company that manufactures hospital mattresses and contract bedding for specialist sectors. This ensures that the quality and lifespan of the mattresses is of a high standard and that they are suitable to use for patients of all kinds and of all sizes and weights. This provides that stable foundation of bedding that every hospital and care home requires to provide a great service of care to patients.