Cash-Related Benefits of Going Solar

Cash-Related Benefits of Going Solar

There are a lot of things that you hope will happen whenever you run a business. For starters, you want a stream of customers that will return in the future. Along with their patronage comes revenue, which you can use to build your company into something bigger and stay afloat. Money is a pressing thing for business owners, so it is important to use expenditures wisely.

When trying to make changes to their buildings, owners should take a look into going solar. Although the initial cost might feel steep, this eco-friendly option not only saves money but can help you earn incentives that will make it cheaper than you realize. As you read, you will see what makes calling Opal Energy Group the wisest money-making decision you could go for.

Save on Bills

Commercial buildings are pretty large, so they are bound to use up a lot of power in order to operate. While energy is necessary, it can also come at a heavy price. You might look at your utility bills every month and want to weep. They can really do damage to your revenue and, for some, might put them at a disadvantage.

Even with one commercial solar panel installed by Opal Energy Group, you will notice a significant change in what you pay. Because your energy comes from the sun’s rays, you won’t need to use the power provided by your utility company as often. Within a year, businesses average savings of approximately $700,000!

Tax Benefits

Another big grievance that company owners deal with is taxes. Just like with utility bills, the income tax that businesses might owe each year can be hard to bear. So, because solar energy has a high upfront cost, you might think this is even more damaging. However, the federal government appreciates companies becoming more environmentally friendly, so they have shown their thanks through tax credits.

Whenever going solar, companies are able to get a 30% tax credit, which means that you can cut the cost of solar installation by this much whenever you are doing your taxes. You can also opt to have your solar installation depreciated fast through an accelerated program.

State Incentives

New ersey’s state government is just as pleased as the country’s whenever its residents begin to go green. To keep companies solar and to urge others to do the same, they offer cash incentives that last through the first 15 years of the initial installation. This can be given to you in monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments, depending on what you prefer.

In turn, you can easily get at least $150,000 from the state each year when your panels are up and running. Putting all of the above benefits together, your yearly return on investment (ROI) could be tripled annually.

Getting Started

The only way you can guarantee all of these great perks is by actually having solar panels installed, and this should be done by a reputable company like Opal Energy Group. As one of New Jersey’s leading installers, they have spent years perfecting their craft so that your solar panels are not only set properly but are sure to bring you more money.

They only work with the best solar panel manufacturers so that your system lasts you years without worry or constant repairs. They know part of the reason that you chose solar energy was for cost savings, so they do their part to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. It does not matter the size of your establishment or the style of roof you have; they are able to get you all set.

With their high-quality work, you will even see a change in your property value. They have calculated that commercial properties can see a value change of $360,000. Because the installations provided by Opal Energy Group also look sleek and modern, you could even see more people utilizing your services, adding more money to your revenue.

Opal Energy Group offers many financing and leasing options to help you get your solar system set up, so there is no reason to hesitate and get started. If you’re ready to help the environment and make some money while doing so, contact their crew today to begin.