A Simple Guide to Buying Dust Control Equipment Online

Dust control equipment is readily available to purchase online. However, you’ll need to know the type of systems your business needs. That’s why you must learn everything about dust control methods before buying a dust collector system. Also working with the right dust control solutions supplier ensures you get the recommendations and advice you need to make the appropriate purchase for your business needs. Here are some of the factors you should consider to ensure that you make the best purchase.

Build quality of your dust control systems

Dust control systems from a renowned brand like BossTek have to run for several hours unattended every day. This is one of the reasons why you should select the best dust collector system for your business. Take your time going through the available online reviews for different brands. Some brands will always offer equipment with better build quality than others. It’s worth noting that a dust collector system is a huge investment, so you should choose something with a sturdy build that can operate for years.

The power and air suction capacity

The air suction capacity is one of the indicators of airflow rate that the dust collector system is capable of. Airflow is given in cubic feet per minute and indicates how powerful the motor is. The cubic feet per minute varies from one model to another. Some models might have a CFM rate of 150, while industrial collectors with around 1,500 CFM or more. If you are shopping for an industrial dust collector, go for a big motor with one horsepower or more.

The filtration capacity

The filtration capacity of the dust collector will determine the unit’s ability to remove the suspended dust particles from the air. You will find that most dust collectors have a limitation to the dust particle sizes that the filters can intercept. Most standard air filters can screen dust particles of around 2.5 microns in diameters. Also, some brands mark their filters like HEPA filters which means high-efficiency particulate air. These filters are considered fine enough to trap pet dander, pollen, and sometimes even smoke.

The bag volume capacity

The bag volume capacity can make all the difference especially if your construction activities produce lots of dust particles. If you do a lot of grinding, sanding, and sawing, you will need a dust collector with a high bag volume capacity. If your warehouse or construction site undertakes a lot of assemblies, you will need a medium-sized dust collector or a portable. Even then, go for a dust collector that delivers the best results for your workplace.

Portability and shop size

The size of your worksite is another huge factor when choosing dust suppression equipment for your business needs. This also covers the size of the dust collector you need. If your warehouse has a lot of equipment, you should consider getting a medium or an industrial-sized collector that can easily be attached to other tools. The bigger the dust collector, the more space it will occupy. So, the floor space in your warehouse will determine the dust collector you will get.

All in all, the dust control equipment you get will be determined by the type of dust released in your worksite. Additionally, it’s important to consider the size of the area to be covered for optimal dust elimination.