A Brief Guide to DDoS Protection

In today’s world, we rely on technology more than anything else! It, of course, has too many benefits, but this dependency on technology also has negative effects.  

Businesses cannot avoid using technology as their success lies in using the latest tools and applications. Without the use of technology, they will lag behind, and their sales will be drastically affected. But, they should take efficient steps to protect cyber security! With the increasing use of online tools and applications, the databases of businesses have positioned themselves as a major bait for hackers. No organization or country is safe from cyber-attacks. Therefore, companies must educate themselves about the prevailing cyber-attacks and take preventive measures. 

In 2020, it was reported that the Indian national ID database lost 1.1 billion records of clients due to a data breach. This is just one example! Several companies have lost sensitive data and suffered from financial damages! 

The most prevalent cyber-attack is DDoS. It is nothing new, but hackers are using advanced methods to launch this attack. Read on to know more about it and why businesses should protect themselves from this attack. Be ready with a DDoS battle plan to enhance the security of your business in several ways. 

What Is DDoS?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks a network by attacking nodes that are present in the network. This blocks incoming traffic to the website, and the confidential data of the business is always at risk, so you’ll need someone who’s done data protection officer training.

This attack can shut down the website completely, which can lead to financial damage to the business. The major motive of the hacker is to gain access to your system so that they can demand money from you. This is why it is considered a popular means of cyber-attacks. The mere reason why this attack is common is that businesses do not pay heed to the security measures and choose an unreliable internet service provider. 

If you are running a business, never choose an ISP without knowing the security features it provides. Most ISPs trick the subscribers by offering affordable packages so they can track their online activities and sell the information to unreliable people. 

If you are in the United States, we recommend you should choose Windstream Internet. It offers quality internet connections and also creates a secure network so hackers cannot tap into your online activities. Today, choosing secure services rather than affordable ones is more important today. Check out the offers from Windstream for more information. 

Reasons to Have DDOS Protection

We have listed several reasons why every business needs DDoS protection. 

The Attack Can Harm Your Business

With a DDoS attack, a hacker can steal all the sensitive information of the business. For example, if you have saved your potential client’s data, then the hacker can take down the website and clear all the data. As a result, your business will lose all the potential information, and its operations will be stopped. 

Financial Damage

A DDoS attack can lead to the loss of data, assets, and other resources! The financial and monetary value of this is quite high when it comes to repairing the damaged or attacked network. Most of the hardware is expensive to purchase and not every business can afford to purchase the resources again. 

DDOS Damages Your Reputation 

It takes years for organizations to build their image! And within seconds, a DDoS can damage the reputation of the organization. People will no longer trust a business if the sensitive data is compromised, and this can affect your sales. Your clients and customers will no longer be able to trust your brand with their data. 

Data Loss

It is difficult to gather the data of the clients, and a business owner works hard to ensure that user data is collected. This data is indeed a backbone of the business, and because of DDoS, the attacker can steal all the data and even erase it from the system. The businesses then have to start from scratch and they are likely to lose a lot of resources. 

Practice Basic Security 

Every business should take essential steps to secure your business and use complex passwords so hackers cannot easily guess them. Moreover, always ensure that your ISP is trustable, so your online activities are not easily tracked. 

You should also keep your security infrastructure up-to-date and be ready with a DDoS response plan, so your business data remains safe. 

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, it is not a big deal for hackers to launch attacks to damage the company’s reputation. DDoS is the most common type of attack that hackers use. This is the reason your business should have DDoS protection services. You need to ensure that your ISP is trustworthy.  Also, consider getting professional DDoS mitigation support as professionals can offer better security to your business.