4 Reasons To Send Thanksgiving Cards To Your Clients

When it comes to holiday marketing, most businesses focus on Christmas or other December celebrations. The problem with focusing on December is the level of competition is immense. To break through the monotony of holiday cards, a business needs to wow and woo clients. However, there is a better time to send holiday wishes: Thanksgiving. Turkey day is often overlooked by companies because it is viewed as the pre-course meal to the holiday entrée. Still, business Thanksgiving cards offer the chance to send wishes and good cheer to clients early and encourage future purchases or business.

1. Business Thanksgiving Cards Break Through the Noise

After Thanksgiving, customer mailboxes are filled with Christmas and holiday wishes. The opportunities to make an impression quickly fade, and your business becomes another decoration for the garbage liner.

Instead of fighting through the noise of Christmas and hoping to stand out amid the crowd, it is better to choose a less cluttered delivery window to send your cards. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday built around the idea of family and appreciation, meaning you can highlight the importance of your customers and their value to the brand family. With fewer competitors sending out early holiday wishes, you break through the noise and leave an impact.

2. Thanksgiving Cards Come Early

Thanksgiving comes before the holiday rush; it is essentially the calm before the storm. While that might not seem like an advantage, it is. People have yet to enter the panic mode of holiday shopping. They are not overwhelmed by countless offers and service requests. Early November means clients are still open and receptive to holiday greetings and brand messages.

Despite the receptiveness, your messaging still needs to be clean and clear in your business Thanksgiving cards. You need to design cards with a purpose, and that purpose should go beyond wishing happy holidays. Personalization, gifts, and empathy are all strategies that can maximize marketing efforts, and each can be included in card design.

3. Thanksgiving Thins Out the Competition

Despite the many advantages of sending Thanksgiving cards, few businesses embrace the opportunity. Most companies feel like the only valuable holiday card comes in December.

Fortunately, the competitor’s assumption is wrong. Many people appreciate receiving Thanksgiving wishes, and they even view it as wise to send the earlier greetings. Additionally, companies that send early greetings plant their brand and messaging before the busy season begins, meaning customers are more likely to have a specific brand in mind before holiday shopping.

4. Thanksgiving Cards Avoid the Busy Holiday Schedule

There is a significant issue when waiting until December to send cards: manpower. Many businesses underestimate the labor involved in sending holiday cards. It is challenging to maintain an entire team during the holidays as many people save vacation time for the season.

Sending cards for Thanksgiving means all the preparation is done before the holiday season. Therefore, companies usually operate at total capacity and can capitalize on a full team to complete card preparations.

What do you think about sending Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards? Check out the available templates at Cards for Causes before making your decision.