What Is An Esim And What Makes It Beneficial For The Users?

The subscriber identity module, normally called a sim is a mini Plastic card slotted into your mobile phone. It contains information, including your mobile number and also allows you to make and receive text, calls and use data on your phone. Sims even store contact numbers, making it easy for any individual to switch phones as they can be taken out from the old phone and slotted into a new one with minimal effort.

What is an esim?

An esim card is designed to replace the old-style physical sims. Instead of inserting a plastic card inside your phone, this SIM, which is a small chip, will be embedded in your handset. However, it cannot be removed and inserted into the other phone. The information held by eSIM is rewritable, which means you can switch your network even without removing your SIM and replacing it with a new one.

Advantages of an eSIM

A global esim makes it convenient to switch mobile networks. Instead of ordering a new SIM, we can quickly switch to a network of our choice online or with a phone call. Moreover, you also need not look for a SIM ejector tool for removing the old SIM from your mobile phone. 

  • Around five Virtual SIM cards can be stored on a single eSIM at a time. This means that you can quickly switch to a different network when in an area without access to the signal on your usual network.
  • While traveling, it gets pretty convenient to switch to a local network without facing the hassle of carrying a physical SIM with an esim travel app
  • Using a local mobile network when traveling abroad is comparatively much cheaper than paying huge roaming costs to your usual network.
  • In addition, an esim provider offers you the benefit of using more than a single SIM at a time. This is a benefit for those who want two different numbers for their personal and business use. You can easily receive phone calls and messages on both your sims at a single time, and you even get to choose the Sim you prefer for making separate calls, sending messages or using data.
  • Another advantage that comes along is less usage of physical phone space. Esims eventually removed the need for a plastic SIM card and the tray where it is inserted. Smartphone manufacturers can potentially use this space to increase the phone’s battery size or to add more features. 
  • Moreover, fewer holes in a handset means increased production from dust and moisture. Phone manufacturers can also use this as an advantage to manufacture handsets with smaller sizes.

Do all smartphones have an eSIM?

At present, only a handful of smartphones are manufactured with the feature of esim, such as all the latest iPhone models, Apple Watch Series 3,4 & 5, Samsung Galaxy, S 20, S 20 ultra and S 20 Plus, Google Pixel 3 and 3XL, Motorola razr & some models of Samsung gear smartwatches.

The time is not far when every individual will switch over to eSIM and put a halt to plastic SIM usage because of the efficiency, benefits and easiness offered by esims.