How To Create A Business Mood Board Easily

At the start of any Fashion collection, there is inspiration. You can find this inspiration everywhere: in the street, on the internet, in magazines. After you have put them together, you are probably wondering how to organize them for inspiration. The mood board is a very good tool to organize your ideas when creating a Fashion collection. So how to create mood boards? This is what we will see in this article.

What Is A Mode Mood Board?

A mood board is a physical or computer document laid out bringing together images, colors and materials on the same theme or the same atmosphere. It is a very effective visual format for the creative professions of Fashion stylist or textile graphic designer.

Why Create A Fashion Mood Board?

The mood board is very often used in Fashion to present the intentions of stylists at the start of the season. It allows you to justify your choices to company executives, product managers, group managers or other decision-makers. It can reassure the teams or on the contrary provoke debate. The mood board therefore helps to move the collection forward while it is only at the embryonic stage.

Also, it brings consistency to the collection. Once validated, it presents a guideline. In case of doubt during the creation of the sketches, the stylist can return to his mood board to check if the drawing fits with his original intentions.

What Support For Your Mood Board?

A mood board can be created on the computer using various software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. Indeed, thanks to computers today we have the possibility of gathering most of his inspirations on computer thanks to tools like Pinterest. It is therefore easier than to organize your mood board directly on the computer. You can also take the help of Foyr Neo in this matter.

However, the physical format also has advantages. Most of the physical mood boards are made on foam board or feather board on which we directly hang images, materials, colors or accessories (ribbons, buttons, zip, etc.). During the preparation phase, this allows certain mobility: you can remove and replace images quickly, change their place using pins or adhesive tape. Even if IT has grown in creative professions, stylists working in-house (non-freelance) continue to produce them in an artisanal way.

How to Create a Fashion Mood Board?

To create your own mood board for your Fashion collection, you will first need to gather images around the same theme. This theme can be inspired by global trends or you can create your own theme. Inspirations can be Fashion photos, works of art, textures, colors, materials, supplies, words, texts, graphics, and illustrations. At this stage, you can search quite widely. Don’t restrict yourself too much, as long as it fits your theme. Even if some images don’t go together at the moment, you can refine them later. Warning: write down your sources of documentation as much as possible.

A Product-Oriented Mood Board for Women’s Ready-To-Wear

After having gathered all your inspirations for your Fashion mood board, you have to sort them. You can select the ones that best represent your idea for your mood board. Being restrictive at this stage helps refocus your idea.