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ENGINEERING REVIEW magazine is a flagship product of Divya Media Publications Pvt. Ltd. which delivers international standard publications to its Indian readers. 

Since its publication and distribution, ENGINEERING REVIEW has consistently kept its engineering and allied industry readers abreast of the latest developments. Analysis of technology trends has become essential in a digitally-advancing landscape. The website is a rich resource of manufacturing industry , technology news and information about the latest ongoing projects in India. is known for their exclusive information and a high repute among its loyal readers. 

Engineering Review not only reports on technological developments in the manufacturing industry but also advertises products such as ceramics, electrical cables, hydraulics, industrial air compressors, pumps, valves, metal alloys, process equipment and more.

Manufacturing Company is the backbone of any economy and plays an essential role in defining the progress of a nation. With the push to manufacture more products locally, the industry is gearing up to overcome hurdles faced during the pandemic. 

The industry will need information about the latest technological developments to push ahead of challenges. Engineering Review fulfills this need by creating a space for business leaders to check new resources of information, from time to time. 

Engineering Review enhances the readers’ experience by offering relevant and genuine content. Its close network of industry experts enables it to keep a close eye on new advancements. To know the technology and processes being used currently, manufacturing industry leaders only need to pick up a copy of the Engineering Review magazine!

In it, readers will receive a glimpse of global output growth, brand strategies, sustainable technology, latest trends in technology, advancements in equipment and more industry-specific news. The coverage of news benefits large as well as small organizations. The magazine covers material for small and medium enterprises as well. Large organizations have larger budgets to invest in manufacturing technology but smaller organizations will benefit by investing in specific software for their business. 

For automation trends in industrial production in India, Engineering Review is one of the best sources in publication. As with other industries, industrial production too saw a dip in business due to pandemic-induced lockdowns. Even so, it has the potential to turn into a global hub and can provide a huge boost to the economy. 

Exclusive content about advancement in Indian industrial production acts as a necessary catalyst for business owners and managers. They look for resources of information that can connect them with the right technology to achieve their goals. The multi-sector industry can build upon resources through the useful industry knowledge in the publication. 

ENGINEERING REVIEW publishes premium content for manufacturing and industrial production in India. The leading publication was founded to provide industry-specific content as well as adverting opportunities. It includes promotions for products as banners, blogs and articles. For the latest technologically- forward news, check out our top-ranking website-