AI-Based Startup Problem-Solving Identification

The inventions of startups are advantageous to corporations and big enterprises since these more flexible new companies are willing to test out novel strategies for success. It was not simple to identify the ideal startups for your company until Entrapeer.

The Functions of Our Platform

With the help of Entrapeer’s innovation management solutions, established businesses may locate startups that have the technology they need to solve their problems. Entrapeer, despite its lofty goal, uses artificial intelligence with training to identify internet use cases and compile them into a single, concise database. We proceed further. Every use case is examined by our human personnel to make sure it makes sense and enriches the database.

How Our Database Benefits Businesses

Companies can easily do startup scouting by using our platform, as we have arranged all of the information for you. Look up a problem on our database platform to quickly and effectively locate a solution.

Not only does the Entrapeer platform offer a synopsis and contact details. We compile all the information related to the technology used by the companies, explaining in detail how their platform, software, or product addresses a particular issue and providing particular use cases to demonstrate how each firm put it into practice and the outcomes. We lessen the corporation’s time commitment and move it closer to the startup by conducting research for businesses looking for answers to persistent issues.

How Startups Benefit from Our Database

Our platform can be beneficial to any startup that has at least one use case and a minimal viable product (MVP). A startup can draw big and corporate business partners by showcasing how their platform or product helps other companies. Be it a product that requires a proof-of-concept (POC) or pilot project or one that is plug-and-play, listing a startup in the Entrapeer database might help it draw in new investors.

How We Assist Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

To explore a new universe of technologies that fit your financial interests, log onto the Entrapeer platform. Our database platform’s companies have already created their MVPs, but they might require mentors, industry insiders, or an injection of growth funding. You can quickly screen possible investments to choose the ones that most appeal to you without having to travel to group meetings or pitch nights. By using our pre-vetted startups and looking over comprehensive details about their products and successful implementations, you can have an advantage over other VCs and angel investors.

Examine Our Use Cases

Do you wonder if Entrapeer is appropriate for your startup or company? Look no further; see our usage cases. See how we assisted a European telco in locating the ideal startup to assist in lowering its energy usage and expanding into new markets. Discover how Işbank utilized Entrapeer to find a business that improved performance using machine learning while lowering costs and increasing income. Discover how we assisted a significant European tire company in locating startups operating indoor vertical farms and those employing waterless growing techniques to lessen their environmental effect while still obtaining premium raw rubber resources.

Get Started With Entrapeer Today!

Don’t wait for our AI search to locate you; get in touch with us today to get started on startups. Send us your data and use cases right away so we can incorporate them into our platform. VCs, angel investors, and corporations can use our platform to identify the best businesses and establish win-win partnerships that promote win-win situations across all industries.