AccessiBe-Protect Your Business from Unwanted Lawsuits and Litigation

Other laws are present in various nations that make it mandatory for the site owners to offer accessibility for individuals with disabilities. If a business fails to comply with accessibility legislation like ADA Title III, Section 508, EAA/EN 301548, and others, this will invoke hefty fines and lawsuits. The penalties can cost go up to $1,50,000, so it is obvious from the above that web accessibility is an area that businesses, both small and large companies, cannot ignore.

AccessiBe- Cost-effective tool for fixing web accessibility and compliance issues

AccessiBe is a leading name when it comes to fixing compliance and web accessibility issues. It is a tool that can be easily installed on your site to scan it daily and make adjustments to fix problems that prevent seamless accessibility to users. Though web accessibility seems to be a simple matter, it is very expensive for most companies.

However, for these companies, lawsuits are not good for their reputation as it adversely affects their brand. In fact, giant companies suffer financial hardships from web accessibility litigation. So, this is a huge dent in their finances for small companies as they need to pay thousands of dollars for non-compliance with laws.

There has been research where it has been found that 98%of webpages of sites do not comply with web accessibility, WCAG, and other compliance regulation guidelines. If you have not evaluated your site correctly for web accessibility, you too can become a victim of the above and be slapped with costly lawsuits. Moreover, your company’s goodwill is affected so severely that it will cost you dear in the competitive market.

The need to urgently check your site

In order to save unwanted expenses and damage to your company’s goodwill, you should get your site checked for web accessibility and compliance issues. Thanks to this innovative tool, you can test the above with a checker called aCe. It gives you details about the total evaluation (both compliant as well as non-compliant) after checking categories like titles, clickables, menus, forms, carousels, graphics, documents, tables, and other general items.

There is a special segment on the site for getting an audit of the web pages. You will find it at the footer part of the site. There is also a link for Web Accessibility just below this footer to help you access its unique accessibility checker page for the above.

Get a checklist of all the compliance and web accessibility standards

aCe also offers business owners a score for each category with a checklist of the standards required for compliance and accessibility. There is a checkmark for all the standards that your site has passed. A neutral webpage will have a gray button, and a failed page will have an X element.

Besides the above, the web accessibility checker of AccessiBe gives you extensive details of what is needed and what you should do to attain accessibility standards. It will give you the number of total page elements that it has evaluated along with the passes and failures, along with the code snippets of the elements that have failed the compliance and accessibility tests.