When It Comes To Product Quality Gabsie Has It Under Control

Spoiled or damaged products on shelves do not make for good business, or for a sustaining one for that matter. Business owners who use supply chain services can experience staggering financial loss when products are dumped because they can’t be sold.

Gabsie, a 3rd-party shipping and logistics solutions provider, has eliminated that as a concern for its business clients. Losing revenue because the shelf life of a product has expired or there is damage to an item won’t be obstacles to profitable outcomes anymore.

The company dedicates itself to preventing any loss of inventory it has in storage for clients and saves clients’ significant financial setbacks.

What makes it especially difficult is that [property loss] can snowball into more losses such as missed sales and customer satisfaction problems,” the company, which also provides order fulfillment services, points out on its website at

How to protect inventory

Not all supply chain companies go to the great lengths as Gabsie, which is owned by Peer Group Corporation. “We take steps to protect your inventory before it even reaches our facility.” the company states.

Let’s look at some of the differences that exist among service providers when it comes to handling quality control of inventory.

MyUS says it provides “superior handling of your valuable goods.”

Shipito says it provides detailed photos of contents delivered to their facility and adds extra tape or bubble wrap for extra protection to items.

And NYBox manages its services online with state-of-the-art tools that give clients complete control of items via their mailboxes.

Inventory protection starts early

In comparison, Gabsie uses state-of-the-art technology to protect products. There are even climate and temperature controlled areas to store products that need a cool environment to prevent spoiling.

More quality control and safety measures are put in place once the products are delivered to the facility. Each product is assigned a barcode and is labeled for tracking and monitoring.

As each item comes through the door, we scan everything into our system so we know how much we have, where it should be stored and all the miscellaneous information about that item. It’s all at our fingertips,” the company says on its website.

Gabsie’s software system monitors inventory levels of products as well as keeps track of expiration dates. When inventory levels fall and products are heading close to their expiration dates, the company notifices business clients so they can take action. Clients are recommended to place an order or rotate stock so items do not expire before they can be sold.

And staff immediately report problems with products to supervisors who then notify business clients. The company’s goal is to prevent loss of revenue.

Training for quality control

Gabsie regularly put staff through intensive training, including earning mandatory certifications in some cases and being in compliance with governmental regulations to ensure product safety.  Employees also receive continuous training on safety protocols and techniques.

In addition, if there are questions about how to handle a particular product, the company staff will contact the manufacturer to ensure they are fully knowledgeable about the requirements for proper and safe storage.