What’s Mattress Recycling? 

There are different ways of saving the planet and making it a better place. Are you embracing the right methods to save the planet? Well, you could do little things like planting trees or recycling a mattress. You might wonder what mattress recycling is. The concept is not new, at least not in Canada. 

Here’s a quick post that discusses what mattress recycling is and how it is relevant in today’s world. 

What’s mattress recycling? 

Mattress recycling is a dismantling procedure in which a bed is dismantled for reuse. The material inside this bed is separated and then sorted. Once this is done, the materials are sent to a factory for the re-manufacture process. 

The mattress recycling procedure eradicates landfill waste which is caused by getting rid of or dumping the old beds. 

It has become an important service in many modern cities. 

We are often complaining about how the world is coming to an end. We also blame each other for environmental degradation. The question is – What are we doing about it? Mattress recycling isn’t as complicated as it seems – you can donate your bed and it can get reused in a good way. 

A Quick Sneak Peek into the History of Mattress Recycling 

Mattresses used to get dumped or were donated to charities. The landfills used to get too crowded and it led to further environmental issues. 

There were not too many places where the mattresses could go. Fortunately, recycling companies started to operate and opened their doors for the mattresses. Companies became functional and they started the mattress recycling procedure. They started shipping these beds and their parts to far-off places for end-markets. 

When beds end up in the crowded landfills, they get contaminated by all kinds of things like mould, pests, bugs, and also get soaked. Once these mattresses are soaked in water, they start stinking. It becomes a major issue for cities as the sanitation bit goes for a toss. 

Mattress recyclers are a breath of fresh air. They’re saving the planet by taking away the mattresses, dismantling them, and recycling the old goods. 

This is how mattress recycling came into the picture many years ago. It has become a common practice in Canada. 

Landfills aren’t meant for mattresses 

Leave the landfills alone – they don’t have space. 

Moreover, it isn’t a wise idea to dump the mattress in such landfills. The objective is NO waste. If you feel you want to contribute to the society and bring about a change, donate your mattress and let the recyclers take care of the oldie.