What is International Courier Service?

“Courier” is often used when sending documents or samples overseas. You can send it by Door To Door from the pickup to the other party’s address. You may also receive an order from an overseas trading company saying, “Send it by courier!”.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could refer to how the Courier to USA from India works, what kind of benefits it has by using it, and how to use it properly with the forwarder.

Benefits of using a courier

The advantage of using International Courier Services is the overwhelming speed of delivery. And isn’t it a clear fee structure? That’s why courier services can achieve such speed.

  1. Door to door
  2. Own-operated airmail

The above two points can be cited as reasons. Courier companies use trucks managed by their company to pick up the goods at the collection destination or the collection point and export and import customs clearance in-house. And since they fly to each country by their own airplane, they can search all at once by the number of the invoice, and they can transport a large amount of cargo speedily.

Confirmation of export availability

Also, be sure to check whether the products you can send by courier and whether the importing country can import them. They cannot send fresh foods, healthy foods, foods such as alcoholic beverages, or some animals or plants. Please note that you cannot send dangerous goods such as cutlery, poison, cash, precious metals, passports, and cigarettes.

On the homepage of the courier company, the delivery days and charges to the destination are also listed, so it is safer to check.


When shipping products, make sure to pack them in a stronger package than sending them by International courier in Mumbai. Many places are in charge of handling overseas cargo that is not handled carefully. Protect your items with packing materials so that they are not broken when your important items arrive.

Preparing the invoice

Prepare a waybill (invoice, Air Waybill) and invoice. The format of the waybill is different for each company. From each company’s HP, let’s describe each item in the required items. It may be difficult to understand because it is written in English, but in that case, it is better to proceed while listening on the phone. 


You can arrange for pickup over the phone or online. Be prepared with plenty of time so that the pickup driver does not have to wait.

Cargo tracking

Each courier makes it easy to track the cargo. If you enter the waybill number (invoice number) on the tracking page, you may be able to see where and what kind of procedure is being done in minutes. Since the other party can see this tracking, it is better to share the waybill number with the other party after the collection is completed. By doing so, you can check the transportation status of the cargo from both sides so that you can rest assured.

Also, after arriving at the importing country, you may be asked for details of the product at the import customs clearance, so it is effective to share the waybill to deal with it.

Prices (quotes)

Is the shipping fee paid in advance? Is it cash on delivery?

You can freely choose which one will bear the courier. In addition to shipping charges, you can also choose the bearer of customs duties when importing.

However, in the case of cash on delivery, the recipient’s registration number is also required, so it is necessary for both parties to register with the courier company first. Before shipping, it is a good idea to consult with the recipient and decide on details such as whether you are willing to pay customs duties.

Also, in the case of cash on delivery, the recipient will often tell you which International courier company to use and the customer number. In addition to writing the number on the waybill, it is a good idea to check with the courier company first to see if the customer number is valid by telephone and customer service and if payment is possible, and then ask for collection.