What factors to consider when hiring an Amazon reimbursement agency?

Being an FBA seller on Amazon, you must be well-versed with the facilities that Fulfillment by Amazon sellers receives. At the same time, you might know that you can claim Amazon reimbursement for the loss or damage of your inventories. Every year, Amazon amends the policies for FBA reimbursements. So, keeping an eye on the latest changes is also a responsibility of Amazon FBA sellers. 

But if you have already teamed up with a reputed Amazon seller consulting agency, they can take care of every requirement. From creating a store to running the business by creating a brand image, the consultants along with the marketing professionals can contribute immensely. They can also figure out how to claim the refunds if unfortunately, they find the FBA inventory missing from the facility or found damaged.

With over 800 facilities and thousands of workers handling the inventories, some accidents occur. However, Amazon also talks about reimbursements for the FBA sellers but the process of applying for the refunds is complex and challenging for those who opt for DIY. Though many sellers keep faith in virtual assistance, they often disappoint because of their lack of experience to work on the FBA reimbursement platform. That’s why hiring a reimbursement agency can be the best option for sellers to receive the refunds for the losses caused at the Amazon’s facility. 

Here are some factors to consider when hiring an Amazon FBA Reimbursement Agency

Renowned for their killer reimbursement strategies

Top-ranked agencies bag their goodwill by providing killer strategies to their FBA seller clients to receive the refunds from Amazon. Often some reimbursement claims are rejected totally by Amazon as they also have some loopholes. However, these expert reimbursement professionals strategically submit the claim forms along with offering the exact proof considering the Amazon policies that Amazon couldn’t deny. They’re ready to accept challenges and support their clients to get the refunds as coverage for the Amazon FBA warehouse damaged inventories. 

Provides complimentary auditing

The best reimbursement agencies don’t charge anything extra for the auditing of the exact amount of losses their clients faced. They consider it as a part of their service and process the auditing manually and using efficient software to get the exact data to place during submitting the refund claim form.

Attuned to both manual & automated reimbursement processing

A team of highly skilled professionals onboard are well-versed in both manual and automated reimbursement processing. They use the latest and the best reimbursement tools to keep a track of the application and see the progress.

Affordable charges

You can stay confident about the charges the agencies quote. The top-ranking FBA reimbursement agencies charge a market-standard cost for the services. However, the rates vary considering the complexity of the FBA refund procedure.

These are some significant factors, FBA sellers must check before signing up with a reimbursement agency for the job. Get more time to focus on your business growth while the experts take care of the refunds you expect for the losses you experienced.