Quick Guide to Suddenlink Stream!

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Suddenlink Stream
  2. What to Watch on Suddenlink Stream
  3. How to Get Suddenlink Stream
  4. Wrapping It All Up

Many cable providers who now have their own streaming devices and platforms that come as a value-adding perk in their plans. The Suddenlink Stream is another new hit in the market which offers some of the most versatile streaming options. With a high-speed, affordable Suddenlink internet service, you will find the streaming device truly worth it. Let’s dive into the details of what Suddenlink Stream is and how to get it.

What Is Suddenlink Stream?

The Suddenlink Stream is a 4K streaming device launched by Altice USA. The device runs on Android TV OS and is home to many apps that come by default while also allowing you to download your choice of apps.

The streaming device is particularly for those who don’t want to cut the cordand also don’t want to limit themselves to just OTT content. As Suddenlink internet customers, you will get the Suddenlink Stream that can be used to stream multiple types of content. You have to be a broadband customer to be able to enjoy this streaming device. It has the following features that make it worth your money;

  • It comes with Google Assistant built-in. As a result, you can set up the device, navigate its menu, control the apps and do much more by just voice commands.
  • The streaming device comes with many built-in apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • It can be used as a live TV streaming service too, as it has 50 live TV channels.
  • The voice-enabled remote control is very handy. Its “Netflix” shortcut button is the most notable feature.

What to Watch on Suddenlink Stream

The whole purpose of the streaming device is to provide you with a wide variety of content to choose from. You are not restricted to only viewing cable TV channels. Rather, you can do a mix and match of the best of both worlds; digital content and cable TV content. Here is what and how you can watch on Suddenlink Stream

  • Netflix

As of now, Netflix has more than 74 million subscribers. If you are one of them, here is some good news for you. The Suddenlink Stream device comes with the Netflix app pre-installed. Not just this, but it also has a voice remote control that comes with the “Netflix” button. You can binge-watch your way through the holidays or weekend nights with glitch-free internet speeds and the 4K streaming device by Suddenlink.

  • Prime Video

Prime Video is an OTT platform by Amazon. It is very similar to Netflix and has an advanced algorithm that provides apt recommendations and whatnot. The platform is packed with Amazon Prime originals, classics, TV shows, and lots of movies. This is also a built-in app that you get with Suddenlink Stream.

  • Live TV

The Suddenlink Stream lets you watch up to 50 live TV channels. These include a wide variety of channels,including America’s Test Kitchen, WIRED, Cheddar, and Xumo Free Movies.

  • YouTube

If you are not into paid OTT services, you might want to hear some good news. The streaming device has YouTube built-in, allowing you to stream videos free of cost. You can play poems and cartoons for your kids on your smart TV or watch your personal favorite content too.

How to Get Suddenlink Stream?

You need to be a Suddenlink broadband customer to get Suddenlink Stream. With select plans, Suddenlink offers the streaming device free of cost. Meanwhile, you can get standalone broadband services or opt for a Suddenlink internet, TV, and phone bundle. Some of the most popular Suddenlink plans and packages are listed below. You should speak to a trained professional at Suddenlink customer service to discover more suitable plans available in your area.

Package Suddenlink Stream Included Internet Other Services
Internet 300 Additional $5 300 Mbps HBO Max for 3 months, Wi-Fi 5, unlimited data
Internet 500 Additional $5 500 Mbps HBO Max for 6 months, Wi-Fi___33 5, unlimited data
Internet 1 Gig Free 1000 Mbps HBO Max for 12 months, Wi-Fi___33 6, unlimited data
Select TV + Internet 300 + Home Phone Additional $5 300 Mbps 290+ channels, unlimited data, HBO Max for 3 months
Core TV + Internet 500 + Home Phone Additional $5 500 Mbps 200+ channels, unlimited data, HBO Max for 6 months
Premier TV + Internet 1 Gig Free 1000 Mbps 340+ channels, Unlimited data, Voice activated remote, HBO Max free for 12 months

Wrapping It All Up

Make sure you have gone through the details of every Suddenlink plan, so you choose the one that best matches your personal preferences. Suddenlink is available in more than 17 states, so it might not be that difficult to find its excelling services in your area, either.