Planning Your  Beach Wedding

Planning for your beach wedding is a thrilling moment. And when the date finally arrives, it can be even more exhilarating. The thought of a warm breeze blowing in off the ocean with bright skies can make anyone smile.

Having the ocean as a background for your ceremony while standing on the sandy beach is a glorious picture in the making. There is no reason for you to spend lots of your money on decorations because the beach has plenty to offer when it comes to backdrops.

And when an ocean wedding is planned, it is not just a day or two. The entire weekend, or longer, is what your guests should expect. Fun can be had before, during, and after the wedding ceremony.

When planning your beach wedding, you will want to send your save-the-dates earlier than you would with a non-destination wedding. Your guest will need to not only take extra time off from work but will also want to have enough time to save up and get the best deals on travel packages. Ideally, you should provide at least 12 months’ warning for your guests, especially your parents and the wedding party.

You may be wondering if you are required to book travel and other accommodations for your guests. The answer is no. You are not responsible for paying for their traveling fees, hotel rooms, or meals while they attend your wedding. You should, however, book a section of rooms where you and your wedding party are staying, as this is a cost-effective method to being certain everyone has the accommodations they need.

If you are worried about how individuals will dress at your wedding, you may have a dress code. Most people opt to wear more casual clothing, such as a summer dress and sandals or a pair of khaki shorts and a button-down short-sleeved shirt. If you do require a dress code, be sure to state this on your invitations clearly.

If you are getting married directly on the beach, also let your guests know this. You can provide a slip of paper with beach wedding tips on it, such as wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, or shoes that are sand friendly.

One important tidbit to remember is that it can be rather hot on the beach. If you are having a daytime ceremony and you still would like to have an outdoor reception, make sure to provide tents or proper shade for those guests that can not handle the sun beating down on them all day long.

While on the subject of the hot sun, you will also want to take into consideration how the weather is in the location you are thinking. Is it rainy season there? What about hurricanes? How hot does it generally get during the month you are wanting to be wed? All of these questions are things that should be considered for both your comfort and your guests. It may be well worth your time and effort to have a tent as a backup for your ceremony on the beach just in case it rains.

When booking your dream beach wedding, ask if there are private locations where your ceremony can be held. It can be bothersome to have strangers watching your wedding and even more irritating if they can not keep quiet.

If you have been dreaming of a beach wedding, contact Tides of Love Beach Weddings in Clearwater, FL. The destination wedding package offers everything you need to have your dream wedding come true.