How does Garage Insurance Work?

All companies need liability insurance, and for this reason, specific industries may require an insurance policy. Entrepreneurs can benefit from a general liability insurance plan. But businesses in the auto industry may benefit more from garage insurance

Garage liability insurance is a combination of a business policy and general liability insurance. Insurance will cover repairs and medical expenses if there is an accident or injury at the garage.

Who Needs It?

Garage insurance provides security for the customer and the business owner. Insurance is much cheaper than insurance for theft and multiple vehicle damage caused by a disaster like a garage fire.

Depending on the scope of the business, some may not need this insurance. But for many cases, company owners should get it. Here are some businesses that need garage liability insurance.

  • Car Dealerships Company
  • Auto body customization 
  • Detailing Shops
  • Glass Installers
  • Parking garages and lots
  • Emission test shops

What to Look for in a Garage Liability Insurance?

Getting insurance can become a burden sometimes. This is most especially true if your provider does not do an excellent job in explaining what services you are getting. As someone who will benefit the most, look for two things in general.

  • Car Service Coverage – Ensuring that their chosen policy will fully cover a business should be a number one priority as someone who will get an insurance plan select an auto service coverage that will also cover the rights of the employees. This is to ensure they can still obtain their lost wages if they are hurt while performing their duties.
  • Coverage for Vendors – This is something that businesses should also focus on. The policy that also extends coverage for vendors is essential. Depending on several vendors to ensure smooth operation of the company is expected. These vendors will request claims once they get injured while doing business. A policy covering such cases is what a company should look for.

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